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What Was On The Rotisserie

1990 Williams Funhouse (Customers)

This game is a Customers.

It was given a complete check up and Top Of The Line Reconditioning, we remove all playfield plastic, ramps, light bulbs and posts, clean everything removed in the ultrasonic cleaner, clean the playfield and polish it, and then reassemble the game, check all switches for proper adjustment, install new LED's bulbs, check all the bulbs to make sure there are no shorts in the lamp matrix.

The New playfield, (This New Playfield was an early production from Illinois Pinball Company and It Was Never Drilled Or Dimpled) I had to make a template for all the dimples and make a drilling fixture to drill 73 holes in the new playfield.

Then we will reassemble the ramp, New Playfield plastic set, Playfield Plastic Protector Set, and check switches and lamps again to make sure they work properly.

Cabinet & Head Restored and Repainted with Silkscreened Warning on Back, Backbox Latch, Side Art, Side Rails, side and  3 Complete Flipper Assembles, Clear Star Plastic Post's, New Trap Door, Replaced Coil Sleeves on all coils, 4 Chrome Legs, 4 Stern Leg Protectors (Legs will not touch the new side art at all) very cool, 3 Flipper Bats, Playfield Plastic Set, New Playfield Glass, New lock down bar. Had To Make a Ball Guide to replace the one that somebody else tried make, but was not even close.

Lock Down Bar Mechanism was Bead Blasted and Repainted.

3 AAA Batteries removed and converted over to a NVRAM by

These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes. So no more changing or leaking batteries very great dea.

5 Volt Regulator Replaced with PSU5 No Noise Replacement



1990 Funhouse Cabinet and Head

Head and cabinet is striped of all parts, and hardware, and getting ready for side art removal, & then repainted. Cabinet wood refinished, all imperfections filled, Cabinet & Head Repainted with Silkscreened Warning on Back, then new side art applied. New side rails, Stern leg protectors installed.


AAA Batteries removed and converted over to a NVRAM by

These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes.

So no more changing or leaking batteries, very great idea.

5 Volt Regulator Replaced with PSU5 LM323K Replacement

  • Drop-in replacement of the obsolete LM323K or equivalent linear voltage regulator.
  • Guaranteed 3A output current.
  • Identical input voltage range of 7.2V to 20V
  • Suitable for use in Pinball machines and video game consoles
  • High efficiency switching regulator design reduces power disspation with superior voltage regulation compare to the LM323K.
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection
  • Board dimensions are identical to the TO3 package of the LM323K.
  • Heatsinks are optional.
  • All components are mounted on one side of the PCB
  • Highest component is the inductor at 5mm above the PCB.
  • Available with or without pins.
  • Gold plated pins and PCB to withstand harsh environments over the long term.
  • Can drive inductive loads such as solenoids and DC motors.
10-17-23  to   10-31-23


1990 Funhouse Reconditioning

Drilling Playfield
 The 73 Missing Holes

I placed all the parts out on top

which holes I had to drill throught into

bits, and stuck them into 4 already drilled

and then I clamped both playfields

old playfield  and drilled the holes needed

 of the old playfield so I know

the new playfield below. I used 4 big drill

 holes to lock the 2 Playfields together,

  together, I then removed a part from the

 and so on till all holes were drilled.

Thanks for looking

John Freel

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