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  • Click On The Word (PICTURES) For Lots Of Pictures Of Each Game




  • Click On The Word (PICTURES) For Lots Of Pictures Of Each Game
  • 08-1998 Williams Monster Bash (PICTURESSOLD on 03-06-24
  • It looks and like brand New

    It was given a complete check up and Top Of The Line Reconditioning, we remove all playfield plastic, ramps, light bulbs and posts, clean everything removed in the ultrasonic cleaner.

    Then reassemble everthing on to The New playfield, (This New Playfield was from Illinois Pinball Company), installed T nuts on it, ( all New Parts = flipper assemblies and bats, playfield plastic set, pop bumpers rebuilt with new metal and fiber yokes, bumper bodies, bumper skirts, caps with LED BriteCaps EVO Pop Bumper Lighting, popper bracket and hole protector, shooter eject lane protector, logoon plastic, right ramp, N.O.S. dracula coffin, 3 blue stand up targets, 1 oblong blue and 2 red square plastic's on targets replaced, plastic purple posts, replaced all coil sleeves on all coils, Cliffy post rubber protector, Shooter Eject Protector, Mezel Mod Tesla Coil, Monster Bash Side Blades.

    Then we check all switches for proper adjustment, install new LED's bulbs, check all the bulbs to make sure there are no shorts in the lamp matrix.

    Then we will reassemble the ramp,and check switches and lamps again to make sure they work properly.

    Cabinet & Head Restored New parts = Backbox Latch, Cabinet Decals NEW Next Generation Technology, Side Rails, 4 Chrome Legs, start button, launch button, coin door, 4 Stern Leg Protectors (Legs will not touch the new side art at all) very cool, New Playfield Glass, and Pin2DMD Colour DMD Full Package - HD 256x64 Extra Large Display - With LED light in Speakers Pannel's.

    Lock Down Bar Mechanism was Bead Blasted and Repainted.

    All ball guides and lockdown bar were regrained to look like knew.

    3 AAA Batteries removed and converted over to a NVRAM by

    These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes. So no more changing or leaking batteries very great dea.

  • 03-1996 Ticket Tac Toe (PicturesFor Sale $2,300   (Shopped) (Very Rare, Only 100 Made)


  •   Click On The Word (PICTURES) For Lots Of Pictures Of Each Game




  • Click On The Word (PICTURES) For Lots Of Pictures Of Each Game
  • 1993  N.O.S. Pistol Poker Ramp  $195.00  (Pictures)



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