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The Very First Pinball Playfield Extractor

Designed & Made 06-26-2016

By John Freel Elkhart Pinball

Here I start to lift the playfield out of the pinball cabinet effortlessly, with out straining my back at all.

Yes, I can do it with one hand.
Close up on how it hooks up to playfield, using it's own pivot bracket.
The other side

I have it out of the cabinet and moving it over to the my

ultimate playfield rotisserie that in the horizontal position.

Setting the playfield down, and locking it in the playfield rotisserie .

All done, ready to start the reconditioning process.

And yes, it went back in the game just as easy. I should of made this tool years ago, no more sore back.

Here, wile I have it in the air I was able to remove the back or put the back, back on before and after being in the rotisserie.




Thanks for looking

John Freel

Elkhart Pinball Inc.

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