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Ultimate Playfield Rotisserie

Designed & Made 5-23-09

By John Freel

Here I can run all the test programs & repair any problems while

the playfield is still in the Rotisserie.

Yes, I can even play the game to see how well it plays, while it is

still in the Rotisserie.

This is the adjustment area for balancing the playfield, rotating 360

vertical, and height adjustment for your comfort work zone, all

with locking mechanism's.

This is a adjustable sliding arm, to adjust to different playfield

lengths, with locking bolt.

This is the 360 rotating horizontal, with locking bolt.

The front of the playfield is mounted to a piece of angle iron and held in place by a

pair of C clamps.

These are the locking bolts, to keep the bottom of the playfield from moving side to side.

The back of playfield sits on angle iron with removable sliding straps, to screw it in

place. This way you can mount the whole playfield with back still on, and be able to

take it off, and put it back on, when all done cleaning and polishing the playfield, and

nothing gets in the way.







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